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Teaching children to look after their mental health

9 July, 2014

The Centre Forum for Mental Health Commission (an influential Think Tank) has made a number of far reaching recommendations to "make mental wellbeing of the nation and the pursuit of happiness a clear and measurable goal for government".

The report also includes a number of specific recommendations in relation to schools:

  • the national curriculum should include the requirement to teach children and young people how to look after their mental health and build emotional resilience through approaches such as minfullness
  • teachers and other educational staff should receive training in child development, mental health and psychological resilience to enable them to identify children who are vulnerable
  • for children experiencing mild to moderate mental health problems, there should be increased access to psychological and other therapies in schools or in the community

Please read more here on the Centre Forum's website.

MQ launch National Depression Survey

1 July, 2014

MQ (Transforming Mental Health) has just launched a new national survey into depression, in collaboartion with the James Lind Alliance and a range of organisations including charities, Royal Colleges and NHS Trusts.
The survey is asking people to submit their questions about depression in order to inform future research into the condition.
Please get involved by looking at their website and taking part in the survey here: Depression Survey Website

Schools should teach people about emotional wellbeing.

30 June, 2014

The PSHE Association held its annual conference last week and announced the reuslts of a survey, which showed that 90% of parents believe schools should teach children about emtional wellbeing and mental health, alongside subject like maths and science.
We support this position and believe that good emotional wellbeing and mental health should be at the heart of the ethos and culture of every school to underpin the attainment of good academic qualifications.
At the conference Lord Nash, Education Minister emphasisied the importance of PSHE education saying that "good schools with good results invariably have good PSHE provision".
Please read more on the PSHE Association website.PSHE Conference Link

New Guidelines for supporting Young Peoples' Mental Health

21 June, 2014

The Mental Health Foundation (MHF) has just issued new guidelines for supporting young peoples' mental health.
The guidelines are aimed to help youth workers better support young people and embed effective mental wellbeing practices in youth organisations.
Please find out more about this resource and the MHF Right Here programme.

Department of Education issues advice to schools on mental health

16 June, 2014

The Department of Education has just issued advice to schools on mental health and behaviour. It gives schools practical advice on how to identify and support pupils with unmet mental health needs and will give teachers the confidence to:

  • 'differentiate between poor behaviour linked to mental health problems and poor behaviour which cannot be explained in this way'
  • 'identify mental health problems at a much earlier stage and build their resilience through the school pastoral system, using external organisations where appropriate'
  • 'identify those with more severe mental health needs and ensure timely referrals for appropriate support'

This is good news and is, perhaps, the start of a journey towards putting emotional wellbeing, mental health and resilience at the heart of the ethos and culture of every school.
Please read more here.