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Protecting mental health must begin at Britain's schools

6 April, 2015

Last week the Trust was interviewed by Robert Lea, Industrial Journalist at the Times, as part of their Time to Mind campaign. The artcile was published today and highlights the importance of mental health and emotional wellbeing being at the centre of the ethos and culture of Britain's education system. We emphasise the need to create a society where children are given the opportunity, the knowledge and the skills to keep mentally well.
Please read more at Times Online

Trust wins more prizes at the Fleet Half!

23 March, 2015

The Matthew Elvidge Trust scooped the top three charity prizes for 2015,  as well most of the top 20! And Peter Le Grice, our winner in the photo came fourth overall. Many congratulations Peter!
We had another wonderful, sunny day and perfect conditions, with many of our 100 runners achieving personal bests.
Student Minds, one the main charities we support also joined us and they shared more about their work with 200 people after lunch.
We raised well over £15,000 for our work.
A huge thank you to our headline shirt sponsors Bates Solicitors and Carters of Basingstoke for providing our marquee.
Thank you everyone for your generous support.
Linda, Hamish and the Trustees

Trust goes 'international'!

22 March, 2015

In January 2015, James Lovick, one of Matthew's cousins, drove 2,500km through India from Jaisalmer to Cochon in a 'rickshaw'…raising funds for our work. Millions of people saw the Trust logo on the back (see photo) and so our reputation is now spreading across continents!
Thank you James for sending us this great photo and for your support!

Duchess of Cambridge supports childrens' mental health

21 February, 2015

The Duchess of Cambridge has recorded an important message about childrens' mental health and the need to reduce the stigma, so that more young people seek and receive the right professional help.
She is a patron of Place2Be, who are one the the organisations in our Partnership for Schools Wellbeing and Mental Health.
The Duchess is a committed champion of childrens' mental health and emotional wellbeing  and is particularly concerned to ensure that children receive early intervention, so that they have the highest chance of recovery and "the brightest possible futures".
Please read more here and listen to Kate's message.
BBC News Story and Video

New 'Zero Suicide' Strategy

7 February, 2015

Deputy Prime Minisister, Nick Clegg, has set an ambition for all NHS services to eliminate suicide. He was speaking at a  Mental Health Conference held at the King's Fund.
He said that "suicide is one of the biggest killers of men under the age of 50 and, if this was a physical health problem, there would be national outcry."
He insisted that his goal of "drastically reducing suicides is achievable".
We attended the conference and are delighted that the deputy Prime Minister is setting this challenging ambition.
However at the same time, since more than 50% of people who take their own life don't access NHS services, we feel that this ambition needs to be combined with a major investment in our education system.
We need our children to be given the opportunity to have the knowledge, understanding and skills to keep mentally (and physcially) well. This way mental health, which is simply 'the ability to cope with the ups and downs of everyday life', will be normalized. More people will keep healthy; more people will seek help and there will be fewer suicides.
Please read more in BBC News.