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Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team saves lives!

20 September, 2014

We wanted to share two messages received by the Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team recently, which require no explanation, but do explain why we support this wonderful organisation.

"Two years ago today,I found myself in a moment of despair, seeing no way out and no end to the pain and suffering I was going through. I found myself at Beachy Head for only one reason. Without the intervention of your dedicated, caring, loving selves, I would not be here today. You guys are truly amazing people with all the hard work you do trying to help people in moments of despair…..don't get me wrong, it's a struggle day by day….but without you guys I would not be here today. With those thoughts I am truly grateful for the time and effort you spent on me……Much love xxxxxx"

" One of your amazing team found my daughter's fiance on the xxth of Jan this year. His name is xxxxx. He is such a wonderful lad, sensitive, caring, inteligent, so loving and generous. I know you will understand how much good you do and I could never say how much it means to us all that you found him in time. My daughter was so distraught when xxxxx went missing and we are all delighted to have them back together and he is now getting the help he needs. Thank you is so inadequate for the brilliant job your team does. xxxx"

Please read more at BHCT.

New initiatives on World Suicide Prevention Day

10 September, 2014

World Suicide Preventon Day has marked the launch of a number of important new initiatives from partner organisations, which will play a vital part in the fight against siuicide.
These include:

Please read more about these initiatives in the links provided and share with family and friends.

September 10th 2014

Brooks Fleet Half 2014 Video launched!

17 August, 2014

The Fleet Half organisers have launched a short video of the 2014 race. This was generously produced by a local film club.
A new website will be launched in September ahead of entries for the 2015 race going live in October and do please share it with friends…. as it captures the essence of this important lcoal event, which does so much to support local charities.

Beachy Head Chaplaincy wins Queens Award

12 August, 2014

On Friday August 8th the Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team (BHCT) was presented with the Queens Award for Voluntary Services, which they were awarded in the Birthday Honours list and on the same day they celebrated their 10 year anniversary.
The award was presented by the Lord Lieutenant of East Sususex, Mr Peter Field.
BHCT patrol Beachy Head for over 100 hours every week to provide support for people in distress and last year were involved in 771 searches and saved the lives of 364 people.
The Trust provides core funding for BHCT and recently funded two thermal imaging cameras. We also provide general business and financial advice.
Please read more here on the BHCT website.


Teaching children to look after their mental health

9 July, 2014

The Centre Forum for Mental Health Commission (an influential Think Tank) has made a number of far reaching recommendations to "make mental wellbeing of the nation and the pursuit of happiness a clear and measurable goal for government".

The report also includes a number of specific recommendations in relation to schools:

  • the national curriculum should include the requirement to teach children and young people how to look after their mental health and build emotional resilience through approaches such as minfullness
  • teachers and other educational staff should receive training in child development, mental health and psychological resilience to enable them to identify children who are vulnerable
  • for children experiencing mild to moderate mental health problems, there should be increased access to psychological and other therapies in schools or in the community

Please read more here on the Centre Forum's website.