News & Events in June 2015

Midsummer Evening of Opera

30 June, 2015

We held a 'Midsummer Evening of Opera' last night…  a huge thank you to Mark Nathan (Baritone), Sinead O/Kelly (Soprano) and Paul McKenzie  (Piano) for a wonderful evening, which raised over £6,000 for the Trust. A big thank you also to Pam and Rupert Andrews for hosting the evening and to our 140 family and friends who so generously supported the event and bought raffle tickets!

In the end , there is only room for Love

28 June, 2015

We recently saw this article in the Huffington Post, which is very moving and reflects so much of the truth about anxiety and depression and the impact of people taking their own lives. It highlights the importance of talking about these subjects and making it easier for people to reach out when times are so dark.
Please read the article here in the Huffington Post.