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Schools Partnership publishes new resources on Wellbeing

29 November, 2016

The Trust funds the Partnership for Wellbeing and Mental Health in Schools, which is a national network of over 50 organisations from the education, health and children's sectors. 
Our Vision is that wellbeing and good mental health are at the heart of the culture and ethos of our children's education.
We have recently published new resources: 'A whole school framework for emotional wellbeing and good mental health', which aims to:

  • provide school leaders with evidence from research and practice
  • prompt debate and activity bringing everyone together and building on existing good practice
  • identifying new programmes and interventions
  • setting priorities and implementing and evaluating change

 Please read more on the Partnership website here.

The university mental health crisis

28 November, 2016

This recent article in the Guardian highlights the challenges that students face when they enter university and the risk this poses to their mental health.
So many students find living away from home, managing finances, forming new relationships, academic work and the pressure to be successful wholely unrealistic and this often results in anxiety and depression.
This is why The Matthew Elvidge Trust is part funding and working with Universities UK on developing a strategic, whole uinversity approach to wellbeing and mental health. This will provide a Vision and Framework which will help staff and students understand the importance of wellbeing and good mental health, how to keep well as well as being able to access the right, timely support when it's needed.

Becky and Rob cycle London to Brighton

19 June, 2016

A huge thank you to Becky Kirby and Rob Kay for cycling from London to Brighton to raise funds for the Trust. 
Here is a photo of them both in Matthew Elvidge Trust tee shirts at the top of Ditchling Beacon, which, as many will know, is a tough climb!

New Facebook Suicide Prevention Tool

17 June, 2016

Facebook has updated its suicide prevention tool that lets you flag friends' stauses, when you're concerned about their wellbeing.
This tool is now available worldwide and allows users to quickly and easily flag posts that may require attention and help the user to talk to a mental health professional.
The Facebook user will receive a message saying: "Someone who saw your post thinks that you might be going through a difficult time. If you want support, we'd like to help".
It then suggests that you reach out to a friend, helpline facilitated by Facebook or read tips and support.
Please read more here.

Girl Guides launch Mental Health Badge

15 March, 2016

Girl guides across the UK will be able to take a new badge in mental wellbeing and resilience from early April.
The badge "Think Resilient" has been developed in conjunction with Young Minds and aims to give girls "a vital space to talk about their mental wellbeing and resilience".
This is a very encouraging development and provides further recongnition of the need for young people to understand the importance of welllbeing and good mental health in every setting… schools, guides, scouts, local communities, colleges, universities and more.
Please read more here.