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New Eton Head promotes Emotional Intelligence and good Mental Health

22 October, 2015

The new Headmaster of Eton College wants to develop emotional intelligence in his pupils and provide them with a 'holistic, rounded' education.
Simon Henderson, the new headmaster, says: "There's more awareness of emotional intelligence and of mental health… of young people building confidence and resilience to manage themselves in a faster changing, challenging environment".
This is very encouraging and supports the work we do through the Partnership for Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health in Schools.
Please read more about Eton College's new approach to emotional wellbeing here.

Brown family complete the Marathon du Medoc to remember Will!

27 September, 2015

On Saturday September 12th 2015 fourteen members of the Brown family, from Odiham, completed the Marathon du Medoc in memory of Will, who took his own life, aged just 26, in October 2014. It was completely unexpected and followed no mental health issues or life changes.
They were raising awarenes of suicide in young men and funds for The Matthew Elvidge Trust… and we are very grateful for their generous support.
Linda and Hamish Elvidge… and the Trustees

Help is at Hand

24 September, 2015

'Help is at Hand' is an important resource for people bereaved or affected by suicide and provides practical information and emotional support. Over the last six months Help is at Hand has been updated by people who have been bereaved themselves with support from experts at Public Health England, the National Suicide Prevention Alliance and the Suicide Bereavement Support Partnership.
Bereavement by suicide is a unique form of grief and if you, or someone you know, has been bereaved, further information is also available at Support after Suicide and printed copies can be ordered from by quoting 2901502/Help is at Hand.
The Matthew Elvidge Trust has funded and been significantly involved in the development of the updated Help is at Hand and the new website.
Please pass this information onto anyone who might find it helpful.

The Chichester family conquer Kilimanjaro!

19 August, 2015

In June 2015 the Chichester Family took on the challenge of climbing Kilimajaro to raise funds for the Trust.
They all reached the summit safely…an amazing achivement!
Thank you all so much for supporting our work…..very much appreciated.

Student Minds founder wins Queen's award

7 July, 2015

The Founder of Student Minds, Dr Nicola Byrom, has just been recognised with the Queen's Young Leaders Award. Nicola was selected as an inspirational Young Leader to join Leaders from around the Commonwelath. The Trust provides three year funding for Student Minds.
Please read more about the awards here as well as in this recent article.